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AerowisataSanur Becomes Sanur's First Tsunami Ready Hotel

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Denpasar (Antara Bali) - Congratulations to AerowisataSanur Beach Hotel As of 10.10.2011 this beautiful retreat on Bali’s popular Sanur Beach is ‘Tsunami Ready’ certified, setting new standards for the local hotel community, Alexander Kesper, Security & Safety Executive of  Bali Hotels Association said here, Friday.

With exceptional determination and commitment the hotel’s management together with a dedicated team of employees implemented the ‘Tsunami Ready Hotels’ standard-even contributing to existing regulations with some innovative ideas.

Now guests at AerowisataSanur Beach Hotel can relax even more-knowing that in the event of a tsunami alarm a well-trained team will take care of them.  

Highlight of the certification session was a fully blown test evacuation involving guests as well as all hotel staff.

After the hotels internal tsunami warning siren was triggered, guests were rushed to the evacuation spot by members of the evacuation team which are dressed in orange signal vests for easy identification.

While guest safety is top priority the hotel also closed down its major departments, making for example sure that no gas leaks in the kitchens and that all essential documents are secured.

At the evacuation spot guests were greeted by the evacuation spot manager who makes sure nobody gets lost in the process. The evacuation spot is equipped with food and water for 2 days as well as essential medical and hygienic equipment.

While everybody enjoyed the excitement and rush of the very speedy and successful evacuation the event highlighted the need for meticulous preparation as well as training as when tsunami strikes its minutes that count.(**)

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